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Bone Densitometer (Osteo checker)


▶ Overview

The osteo Checker measure a bone mineral density (BMD) of forearm, calcaneus and grows plate. It is BMD measurement method to show high resolution images after scanning entire measurement area.



▶ Features

X-ray system Peripheral DXA (Dual energy X-ray Absorptionmetry)
Scan sites Calcaneus, Foream, Epiphyseal plate
Weight 18.5KG / 30KG (Measuring)

▶ Specification

Scanning method Cone beam
X-ray source Stationary anode X ray tube
X-ray detector CCD detector
Reproducibility ≤ 5% C.V.
X-ray characteristic
Power 100 ~ 120 VAC. 50~60 Hz/220 ~ 240 VAC. 50 ~ 60 Hz
Operating temperature 10 ~ 35℃
Relative humidity 30 ~ 75 %
Minimum PC requirements
Operating system Windows XP, Windows 7
CPU Min.2GHz
Memory Min.4GB
Storage 40GB
Communication port USB 1.1 or higher
Display 1920 x 1080 pixel